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Kenneth Paigen, Ph. D.
The Jackson Laboratory,
Genetic Resources Building.

Genetically defined mice have become the models of choice for an array of diseases associated with aging. The Jackson Laboratory has long been a national resource for the development, analysis, and distribution of laboratory mice that serve as models for studying human biology and disease. The Jackson Laboratory’s genetic resources incorporate the largest collection of induced mutant mice in the world. Several strains of mice accepted to the Induced Mutant Resource (IMR) are important for research on aging and associated diseases. The $1,000,000 Ellison Medical Foundation award will provide the funds needed to match a $1,000,000 NIH matching grant, thus doubling the impact of the Ellison Medical Foundation funds. These funds will be used to help complete the new building being built to house and analyze these important mouse genetic resources.

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Richard L. Sprott, Ph. D.
Executive Director
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