The Ellison Medical Foundation, established and supported by Lawrence J. Ellison, supports two areas of research:
1. Aging - Basic biomedical research on aging relevant to understanding aging processes and age-related diseases and disabilities.
2. Global Infectious Disease - Basic molecular biological research on parasitology and infectious diseases of major global challenge that result from microbial, protozoan, or viral pathogenesis.
The foundation particularly wishes to stimulate new creative research that might not be funded by traditional sources or that is often under-funded in the U.S. The Ellison Medical Foundation fosters research by means of grants-in-aid to investigators at universities and laboratories within the United States using a variety of award mechanisms including a New Scholars Program, Senior Scholars Program, Conferences and Workshops Awards Program, a Training Program, and an Infrastructure Awards Program.

Instructions for applying for an award can be found on the Applications and Receipt Dates page. For a complete list of past award recipients, refer to the Funded Scholars page.

Decisions about grants and awards are made under the guidance of the distinguished Scientific Advisory Board. The board consists of:
Joshua Lederberg, Ph. D. (Chair). - Rockefeller University - Nobel Laureate, 1958
Barry Bloom, Ph. D. - Dean, Harvard School of Public Health
Eric R. Kandel, M.D. - Columbia University - Nobel Laureate, 2000
Arnold J. Levine, Ph. D. - President, Rockefeller University
George M. Martin, M.D. - University of Washington
Gerald Weissmann, M.D. - NYU School of Medicine
For further information about the board members and the other individuals associated with the foundation, please see the Organization page.

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Awards for New Scholars 2001: Global Infectious Disease Program and Aging Program [more]

For earlier announcements, please see the Announcements page.

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