Photos Ellison Medical Foundation Symposium at Stanford University School of Medicine, September 19, 2002

A Symposium of the
Ellison Medical Foundation
Stanford University School of Medicine


Global Infectious Diseases
and the Biology of Aging
Thursday, September 19, 2002 

Photos coutesy of Stanford University.


(left to right, top - Stephanie James, Joshua Lederberg, Larry Ellison, Richard Sprott, George Martin, Gerald Weissmann, Alan Barbour, Arnold Levine, Cynthia Kenyon;
left to right, bottom - Steven Austad, Ian Lipkin, David Relman, Eric Kandel, Leonard Guarente, Barry Bloom.)


9:15 Welcome

Philip A. Pizzo, M.D.

Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine 

9:30 Introduction

Joshua Lederberg, Ph.D.

Rockefeller University 

10:00 The Pandora’s Box Program: An Odyssey in Pathogen Discovery

Ian Lipkin, M.D.

Columbia University 

10:40 With Whom Do We Share Our Bodies? The Human Microbial Fauna and Its

Role in Disease

David Relman, M.D.

Stanford University 

11:20 The Messenger, Not the Message: Targeting the Arthropod Vectors of


Alan Barbour, M.D.

University of California, Irvine 

1:30 How To Investigate Exceptionally Successful Aging: An Example from

the Birds

Steven Austad, Ph.D.

University of Idaho 

2:10 Regulation of Aging by the SIR2 Gene

Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

2:50 Genes from the Fountain of Youth

Cynthia Kenyon, Ph.D.

University of California, San Francisco 

3:30 General Discussion

Lawrence J. Ellison

Joshua Lederberg, Ph.D.