Scientific Advisory Board member Eric R. Kandel and Senior Scholar awardee Paul Greengard share Nobel Prize

Eric R Kandel Paul Greengard
Eric R. Kandel (Columbia University), one of the five members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Ellison Medical Foundation, and Paul Greengard (Rockefeller University), one of the most recently appointed Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholars, and Arvid Carlsson (University of Gothenburg), will share the Nobel Prize for Medicine and/or Physiology. The announcement came from the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institutet on October 9, 2000. Eric Kandel is rewarded for his discoveries on the molecular mechanisms of memory formation. Paul Greengard worked out the chain of molecular reactions inside a neuron that follow the arrival of a neurotransmitter at the neuron and thus alter the responses of the neuron to stimuli and other neurons. The Nobel medals will be presented by His Majesty the King of Sweden at the Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden on December 10, 2000.

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